Greene Art Gallery

quiet for 2017

It is as difficult for me to write this as I am sure it will be for many of you to read. After 13 years and 3 months of running the Greene Art Gallery and 40 years of its being in business, we are going to take a break. Travel to family out West and taking time to reflect and get re-inspired will be the activity of the year.

I will miss seeing those of you who stopped by regularly and those of you who made a yearly trek to Guilford. During the last nine years we sold close to 1000 pieces of art by 70 artists and had over 70 openings and 70 additional events. Much joy and happiness and beauty have been shared in this old barn, our new shed and out in the sculpture garden.

We have been discussing various new interations for the gallery in the future and we shall keep you informed.

My love and thanks to you all and please continue to enjoy and support the arts. Until we meet again,

ps. Click here for a video of highlights of the last 9 years....






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